Todd is Five (Month 2)

Todd at 5 years, 1.5 months old – October 6, 2019

SEPT 21 – OCT 20 (2019)


  • Humming/singing songs (‘Band on the Run‘, ‘Jet‘, ‘T for Texas‘)
  • Playing notes of “Jet” on keyboard
  • Building with Legos: Iron Man Hall of Armor set & making our own Pitfall scene
  • Playing Pitfall Relic Rush & completing all the levels; he is reeeally good! We got the ninja suit & we cracked up because of how he runs
  • Playing Pitfall on our Atari classic (and other games)
  • Play fighting with his figures & play fighting with us
  • Playing with Hot Wheels cars & picking out “best for track” cars during grocery trips; He finally started using the car track carpet as intended (it was a gift from Grandma 2-3 years ago!)
  • New game/app: Clumsy Ninja
Playing games on Eric’s old iPad – October 2, 2019



  • Open gym @ Apple Valley Gymnastics (9/21); doing dive forward rolls & ninja moves
  • Pedal bike riding (with training wheels) at the court (2x)
  • We got a new (used) pedal bike for Todd (9/23)
  • Swimming at the condo pool 1x (9/25)
  • Eastmont Park: car show & playing in the bouncy houses (10/5)
  • Walla Walla Point Park (10/6); riding his pedal bike with training wheels on the trail
  • Annie’s Fun Farm (10/12); dragon slide, bouncy orange thing, corn kernel pit, apple launcher, feeding the goats, looking at the pig, eating popcorn, & drinking hot cider
  • Puddle jumping on a wet day (10/19)


October 5, 2019
October 5, 2019


October 6, 2019
Fall color! – October 6, 2019


Annie’s Fun Farm – October 12, 2019
Annie’s Fun Farm – October 12, 2019
Playing in the corn kernels – October 12, 2019


  • Field trip to Sport Gymnastics (9/27)
  • Field trip to a Ukulele show at the PAC (10/11); all day Kinder that day
  • Field trip to Rocky Reach Dam (10/16)
  • Todd talks about the ‘back table’ (a table next to the carpet, where kids go if they don’t listen to the teacher at the carpet)
Field trip to SPORT gymnastics – September 27, 2019


  • At times it’s a major struggle brushing his teeth at night (due to his wanting to be silly before bed & not listening)
  • I was sick & Todd took care of me by insisting that I have ice cream with him, to help my tummy (and it worked!) (10/15)
  • Todd is very snuggly with me
  • Todd said: “I’m sorry for not doing slow cutting” (hours after I got annoyed when he was trying to do his table work too fast)
September 21, 2019


  • He started eating romaine lettuce (10/8); he said “I love it”
  • He eats carrot sticks without complaint
  • He eats full slices of pizza with Daiya vegan cheese (instead of just the crust)
  • New food: Morningstar nuggets
  • Todd ate French fries at Burger King (9/28)
  • Todd ate his first bean burrito (Taco Bell, 10/9)
  • Ice (10/6); Taco Del Mar (10/6); Lemolo (10/11)
Ice – September 21, 2019
September 21, 2019
First bean burrito – October 9, 2019
Eating romaine – October 14, 2019


  • Todd wanted to sleep on his couch in his room starting 9/24, then I put a foam mat on his bed & he went back to sleeping on his bed again (10/6)
  • He fell asleep on the living room couch 1x (9/26)
  • He asks me to put my hand on his tummy when he falls asleep (to reassure him that I’m not leaving the room…until he’s asleep)
  • He likes to make up ‘rules’ for made-up games before bed
September 26, 2019

Todd is Five (Month 1)

5th Birthday – August 21, 2019

AUG 21 – SEPT 20 (2019)


Elisa was back to work. In the evening, we went to open house for Kindergarten, then we ate dinner at La Fuente. See post, “Todd’s Fifth Birthday“.

Out for dinner at La Fuente – August 21, 2019


  • Eric: “Will you eat some sweet potato?” Todd: “No.” Eric: “I thought you were going to be 5 tomorrow?” Todd: “I’ll still be 5 even if I don’t eat sweet potato.”
  • “That’s not a word to say” (after Eric asked, “What kind of logic is that?”)
  • “Before 55 is 54”
  • “I’m gonna have a quick Goppa, dudes”
  • “Break it off!”


  • Playing with Hot Wheels cars
  • Outside: looking at bugs, kicking balls in the grass, running in the sprinklers
  • Singing to ‘Band on the Run’ & ‘Jet’
  • For ‘Jet’ he sang, “I want mama to always love me”
  • Todd was fixated on catching a fish & bringing it to the condo to take care of it; he filled up a bin with water for the fish
  • Video games: On Eric’s old iPad he completed ‘Dragon’s Lair” & then moved on to playing ‘Pitfall’
  • Able to work a 45-pc puzzle (we take turns)


August 27, 2019
September 10, 2019


Sprinkler: before – September 2, 2019
Sprinkler aftermath! – September 2, 2019


  • Lincoln Rock State Park (8/23); looking for fish & trying to catch them
  • Slidewaters (8/24)
  • Cashmere pump track & catching fish with his net (8/25, 8/27)
  • TEAMS Learning Center (8/26)
  • Open gym (9/7, 9/14); they took down the monkey bars 😦
  • Sorbetto @ Ice, then to Walla Walla Point Park to look for fish & throw rocks (9/8); At the park, he jumped with confidence to grab the monkey bar with both hands, then grabbed the next bar before dropping
Todd at Lincoln Rock State Park – August 23, 2019
Looking for fish in Cashmere – August 25, 2019
Looking for fish at Walla Walla Point Park – September 8, 2019
Swinging at Walla Walla Point Park – September 8, 2019


  • See post, “Hiking: Hidden Lake (9/01/19)
  • Hike to Hidden Lake (0.8 miles round trip) & looking at fish (9/1)
  • Throwing rocks & walking over rocks at Lake Wenatchee (9/1)
Todd at Hidden Lake – September 1, 2019
Todd climbing over rocks at the shore of Lake Wenatchee – September 1, 2019
Todd at Lake Wenatchee – September 1, 2019


  • Riding his pedal bike with training wheels (9/14, 9/19); Eric throws the frisbee & Todd tries to ride away
September 19, 2019


  • See post, “Pool Videos (Age 5, Month 1)
  • We swam 14x this month
  • He did 2 back flips & 1 failed attempt (8/22)
  • We playing ball toss in the pool
  • There was a double rainbow (9/16)
September 6, 2019
Rainbow over the pool – September 16, 2019


  • Open house to see his school/classroom (8/21)
  • First day of Kinder (8/28); he goes 1/2 days M-F
  • He has PE 2x per week; One evening he dropped to the floor to demo push-ups, so maybe he learned that in PE!
1st day of Kindergarten – August 28, 2019


  • Dining out: La Fuente (8/21); Ice (9/8); El Porton (9/20)
Birthday dinner – August 21, 2019


  • On 9/4 we saw a small rat in the grass on the way to the pool. After we swam it was still in the same spot. Later, we saw a worm. Todd doesn’t shy away from touching anything, but I try my best to keep him safe! (i.e., I do know rats can bite.)


  • We started a token economy on 9/5: he gets 1 star for each night he stays in his own bed, earning a toy if he fills up the month; so far he has not missed a night getting stars!
September 15, 2019

Hiking: Hidden Lake (9/01/19)

Green Trails map of Hidden Lake

SEPT 1 (2019)

Our small family was due for a hike, so we picked a new place to explore over Labor Day weekend. Hidden Lake (Trail 1510) is right by Lake Wenatchee. It’s a nice, short distance for hiking with kids (0.8 miles round trip).

Hidden Lake – September 1, 2019
Todd – September 1, 2019
Hidden Lake – September 1, 2019
Eric – September 1, 2019

Of course, Todd was all pumped up to catch some fish with his hands. There were plenty of fish to see (tiny-to-small in size), but he was unsuccessful fishing (fortunately).

Todd looking for fish – September 1, 2019
September 1, 2019
Elisa – September 1, 2019
September 1, 2019

Here’s a view of Dirty Face Peak. Eric and I did that hike waaaay back in October of 2003! [The map at the top of this post shows the trail on the Green Trails map. I couldn’t highlight over the tape, but we did complete the whole hike!]

View of Dirty Face Peak area – September 1, 2019
Eric & Todd on the trail – September 1, 2019

After the hike to Hidden Lake, we drove to the small parking lot at Glacier View campground. We lucked out and got one of just a few parking spots, since someone else was leaving right when we showed up.

Initially, Todd wanted to look for fish in the lake, but then he got interested in throwing rocks and practicing climbing over the rocks, back and forth several times.

Todd at Lake Wenatchee – September 1, 2019
View of Glacier Peak (in the clouds) – September 1, 2019
Glacier Peak in the clouds – September 1, 2019
Dirty Face Peak – September 1, 2019
Todd climbing over rocks – September 1, 2019
Todd throwing rocks – September 1, 2019
Eric & Dirty Face Peak – September 1, 2019
Climbing over rocks – September 1, 2019

Todd fell asleep in the car after his exertions!

Tired little boy – September 1, 2019

Another time, we’ll have to return to do the shore hike that starts at Glacier View Campground (Trail 1510A). A weekday might offer the best chance of getting a parking spot when we return!

Mountain Biking: Number 2 Canyon (August 2019)

Twin Peaks Viewpoint – August 26, 2019

AUG 13 – AUG 26 (2019)

Here are pictures from three bike rides at the end of the Number Two Canyon road. Instead of going up to the Twin Peaks viewpoint each time, we started exploring some of the newer trails in that area.


As you can see from the Runkeeper map, we didn’t descend the same meadow that we climbed; we looped around and connected back to our start point. Since we had time left before we had to pick up Todd, we added on our familiar favorite, Lower Stairway to Heaven trail, as an out-and-back. We covered about 10 miles but I didn’t get exact stats because I forgot to restart my tracker for one short section (oops).

Runkeeper map – August 13, 2019
Eric – August 13, 2019
Ridge view – August 13, 2019
August 13, 2019
August 13, 2019
Eric – August 13, 2019
Eric – August 13, 2019
Eric – August 13, 2019
Eric – August 13, 2019
Elisa – August 13, 2019
Elisa – August 13, 2019


In the parking lot, we saw friends from skiing at Mission Ridge and they made suggestions for our route. This time we climbed Stairway to Heaven and descended Waterfall (new for us), to access the same meadow area that we explored on the 13th. We ventured a little higher than our previous turn around point, then descended on the same trail (on the 13th we did a loop instead). At an intersection, we did another short out-and-back. The total mileage was 10.90 miles at 5.85 mph.

Runkeeper map – August 19, 2019
August 19, 2019
Elisa – August 19, 2019
Elisa in the meadow – August 19, 2019
August 19, 2019


We ascended strongly to the Twin Peaks viewpoint, including a climb of Dragon’s Tail. We descended Road Rage (new for me, but it’s not for me!), then started down our usual route. However, Eric crashed hard shortly after starting down Upper Stairway (his peddle caught on a root which threw him over). Fortunately, he was able to ride down to the car…painfully, but it meant the end of our good times. Our total mileage was 10.2 miles.

August 26, 2019
Elisa at the viewpoint – August 26, 2019
Eric’s bike with Mt Rainier – August 26, 2019
Elisa at the viewpoint – August 26, 2019
August 26, 2019
Eric’s bike with views – August 26, 2019

Mountain Biking: Twin Peaks (8/01/19)

AUG 1 (2019)

We dropped Todd off at TEAMS Learning Center to enjoy yet another mountain biking date ride. Yay! We chose Twin Peaks (Wenatchee, WA) again, but this time we added the Dragon’s Tail trail to our descent. Our total mileage was 10.19 miles in 1 hour and 57 minutes.

[Click on these links for previous trips: “Mountain Biking: Twin Peaks (7/12/19)” and “Mountain Biking: Twin Peaks (6/23/19)“. I included a link to the trail map in the 7/12 post.]

Elisa approaching the Twin Peaks viewpoint – August 1, 2019
Elisa approaching the Twin Peaks viewpoint – August 1, 2019
Elisa approaching the Twin Peaks viewpoint – August 1, 2019
Glacier Peak – August 1, 2019
Eric at the Twin Peaks viewpoint – August 1, 2019
Mt Rainier – August 1, 2019
View of Wenatchee – August 1, 2019
Eric – August 1, 2019
Elisa on Dragon’s Tail – August 1, 2019
Elisa – August 1, 2019
Mountain view – August 1, 2019
Elisa – August 1, 2019
Elisa – August 1, 2019
Elisa – August 1, 2019
Runkeeper map – August 1, 2019