Todd is Five (Month 2)

Todd at 5 years, 1.5 months old – October 6, 2019

SEPT 21 – OCT 20 (2019)


  • Humming/singing songs (‘Band on the Run‘, ‘Jet‘, ‘T for Texas‘)
  • Playing notes of “Jet” on keyboard
  • Building with Legos: Iron Man Hall of Armor set & making our own Pitfall scene
  • Playing Pitfall Relic Rush & completing all the levels; he is reeeally good! We got the ninja suit & we cracked up because of how he runs
  • Playing Pitfall on our Atari classic (and other games)
  • Play fighting with his figures & play fighting with us
  • Playing with Hot Wheels cars & picking out “best for track” cars during grocery trips; He finally started using the car track carpet as intended (it was a gift from Grandma 2-3 years ago!)
  • New game/app: Clumsy Ninja
Playing games on Eric’s old iPad – October 2, 2019



  • Open gym @ Apple Valley Gymnastics (9/21); doing dive forward rolls & ninja moves
  • Pedal bike riding (with training wheels) at the court (2x)
  • We got a new (used) pedal bike for Todd (9/23)
  • Swimming at the condo pool 1x (9/25)
  • Eastmont Park: car show & playing in the bouncy houses (10/5)
  • Walla Walla Point Park (10/6); riding his pedal bike with training wheels on the trail
  • Annie’s Fun Farm (10/12); dragon slide, bouncy orange thing, corn kernel pit, apple launcher, feeding the goats, looking at the pig, eating popcorn, & drinking hot cider
  • Puddle jumping on a wet day (10/19)


October 5, 2019
October 5, 2019


October 6, 2019
Fall color! – October 6, 2019


Annie’s Fun Farm – October 12, 2019
Annie’s Fun Farm – October 12, 2019
Playing in the corn kernels – October 12, 2019


  • Field trip to Sport Gymnastics (9/27)
  • Field trip to a Ukulele show at the PAC (10/11); all day Kinder that day
  • Field trip to Rocky Reach Dam (10/16)
  • Todd talks about the ‘back table’ (a table next to the carpet, where kids go if they don’t listen to the teacher at the carpet)
Field trip to SPORT gymnastics – September 27, 2019


  • At times it’s a major struggle brushing his teeth at night (due to his wanting to be silly before bed & not listening)
  • I was sick & Todd took care of me by insisting that I have ice cream with him, to help my tummy (and it worked!) (10/15)
  • Todd is very snuggly with me
  • Todd said: “I’m sorry for not doing slow cutting” (hours after I got annoyed when he was trying to do his table work too fast)
September 21, 2019


  • He started eating romaine lettuce (10/8); he said “I love it”
  • He eats carrot sticks without complaint
  • He eats full slices of pizza with Daiya vegan cheese (instead of just the crust)
  • New food: Morningstar nuggets
  • Todd ate French fries at Burger King (9/28)
  • Todd ate his first bean burrito (Taco Bell, 10/9)
  • Ice (10/6); Taco Del Mar (10/6); Lemolo (10/11)
Ice – September 21, 2019
September 21, 2019
First bean burrito – October 9, 2019
Eating romaine – October 14, 2019


  • Todd wanted to sleep on his couch in his room starting 9/24, then I put a foam mat on his bed & he went back to sleeping on his bed again (10/6)
  • He fell asleep on the living room couch 1x (9/26)
  • He asks me to put my hand on his tummy when he falls asleep (to reassure him that I’m not leaving the room…until he’s asleep)
  • He likes to make up ‘rules’ for made-up games before bed
September 26, 2019

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