Christmas 2019

DEC 22 – DEC 28 (2019)


We drove to Bend, OR, making our (new normal) stops at Burger King and Burgerville in The Dalles, OR. {Impossible Whoppers, fries, play break @ BK; Bliss shake @ Burgerville}. In the evening, Todd practiced his strong moves while watching American Ninja Warrior. Before bed, he drew a Dr. Seuss-like car on his Magnadoodle.

Todd’s car drawing – December 22, 2019


When we visit my parents, Todd always loves play-fighting with Grandpa! He cracked us up eating his romaine lettuce like a savage.

Todd & Grandpa – December 23, 2019

In late morning we went to the Juniper Swim & Fitness Center. I did the water class with Grandma & Grandpa, while Todd played in the kid’s pool. At one point, they had to clear the kid pool, so Todd got to join me in the shallow end of the regular pool. Next up, we had some non-dairy sorbetto at Bonta (and did some Christmas shopping!).

Bonta – December 23, 2019

Next, we went to the movie theater to see Frozen 2. It was great! Back at the house, Grandma made homemade mac ‘n cheez for dinner.

Todd & Grandpa eating mac ‘n cheez – December 23, 2019


On Christmas eve morning Eric and Todd went to the Sun Mountain Fun Center. This was Todd’s first time on a bumper car!

Nana and Grampy (Jason’s parents) hosted dinner this year. Keeping with tradition, Nana bought the cousins matching elf shirts to wear. Ashley was the princess elf, Eli was the gamer elf, and Todd was the cute elf. It was an opportunity to take some group family photos. As usual, we had lasagna for dinner.

Cousins! – December 24, 2019
Eric, Todd & Elisa – December 24, 2019
Grandma & Grandpa – December 24, 2019
Eli & Todd – December 24, 2019
Eric, Elisa & Karin – December 24, 2019

After dinner, Grandma played songs on the ukulele and Grandpa opened his birthday presents.

Todd & Grandpa – December 24, 2019


On Christmas morning I told Todd that it was Christmas morning time, and he said he knew it. He asked if everyone could open their presents, and he said, “And even Grandma can open her pan. And it’s so heavy.” [That cracked me up! He was talking about a cast iron pan 😀 ]

Interestingly, he wasn’t in a hurry to go to Karin’s house. His mind was on everyone else opening their presents, rather than opening his own presents.

Of course, once he saw the presents under the tree that all changed!

Todd with his presents – December 25, 2019

Karin and Jason hosted Christmas dinner.

Nana, Grampy & Ashley – December 25, 2019

Jason, Eli, Ashley, Karin – December 25, 2019


Eric did some go-kart racing at K-1 Speed. He placed first in both his heats! Todd posed on the podium for him!

December 26, 2019
December 26, 2019

We went out for Mexican food at El Rodeo. The adults ordered a round of Cadillac margaritas. I was sitting at the end of the booth with Todd on my right and Karin on his right. I was passing Karin’s margarita toward her, but Todd thought it was meant for him. Before we knew it, he took a swig from the straw. Needless to say, Todd immediately found out it was not apple juice and I felt like a terrible mom! [But now we all laugh retelling the story!]

After the meal, we watched some Christmas Vacation on TV, and Todd wanted lots of tickles.


We did some shopping at Village Baker (to get Todd some more bread) and Savory Spice Shop (to stock up on Indian spices). Todd played at the park on the way back home. We made some Indian food for dinner.


We drove home, stopping in the Dalles once again.

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