Hiking: Lake Clara (5/09/20)

MAY 9 (2020)

This is a beautiful place with its trailhead located at the base of the Mission Ridge ski area. Todd geared up (to fight bad guys along the way), wearing his backpack, trooper mask, and medal. I posed him for his Kindergarten group picture like this first picture, but here’s the version of him while wearing the mask…

Lake Clara trailhead – May 9, 2020

On the trail, Todd paused to answer a “Facetime” call from his kitties at home…

“Facetime” with his kitties – May 9, 2020

We’d never done this hike in early May. Todd loved the feeling of post holing in the snow. He was wet by the end of the trip! I enjoyed seeing all the flowers blooming where the snow had already melted.

Hiking on snow – May 9, 2020
Glacier Lilies – May 9, 2020

This is always a favorite spot to stop and play. We pushed chunks of snow into the creek and watched them turn clear and then disappear.

Approaching the lake, Todd’s joy continued, plodding in the deep snow. And- I caught him on camera falling on his butt!

Todd falling down – May 9, 2020
Todd at Lake Clara – May 9, 2020
Eric & Elisa at Lake Clara – May 9, 2020

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