Todd is Five (Month 11)

Todd at ~5 years, 11 months old – July 18, 2020

JUN 21 – JUL 20 (2020)


  • “I need a tutor to beat Act 3” (talking about the Hello Neighbor game)
  • “Luke is my favorite actor. I like his hair, for one.”
  • “I like cool songs. My brain has a vacuum in it and it sucks up cool songs. And it’s not sucking up this song.” (we were in the car & he asked me why I like ‘my’ songs)
  • “Mama, you’re the best girl I can count on”
  • “I’m glad I got to Act 3 on Hello Neighbor Xbox. I’m happy for myself”
  • Todd pronounces ‘woozy’ as ‘oozy’ when talking about knocking out bad guys on (XBox) Gang Beasts (waves)
  • Todd says “multiply” when he means “multi-task” (as in “I’ll multiply” or “You can multiply, mama”)
  • “Hey, look over there!” (he does a trick when he wants to sneak something away)
  • “My bad” or “That was my bad”
Todd keeping up on his table work! – July 14, 2020


Lucy & Todd – June 22, 2020


  • Movies: Shaun the Sheep (the movie), Moonraker, Star Wars movies (always!)
  • Shows: Star Trek, Floor is Lava, Masha and the Bear
  • Xbox: Playing Gang Beast; we got our 3rd controller on 7/3 so we could all play together
  • iPad games: Hello Neighbor (trying to pass Act 3), Minecraft
  • Eric set up a video station for Todd with the GoPro for making videos of him playing games
  • Todd & I play Minecraft in the same (creative) worlds
  • Eric worked with Todd playing the keyboard
Watching Star Trek – June 30, 2020


  • Shooting basketballs with the new hoop in our tennis court (2x)
  • Bunch o Balloons water balloon fights and spraying water with the hose (7/16, 7/19)
  • Walking along the canal trail (7/20)
Walking on the canal trail – July 20, 2020


  • Biking around our home (9x)
  • Biking in East Wenatchee (6/27)
  • Todd & Eric went to Horse Lake for Todd’s 1st ‘real’ mountain bike ride (7/12); Eric used a piece of theraband to assist Todd with the uphill; Todd said “That was an exceptional ride”
  • The 3 of us went to Horse Lake for a short family mtb ride (7/13); there was a small fire that we could see
  • See post, “Mountain Biking: Horse Lake (July 2020)
  • Elisa- mtb @ Squilchuck 8.96 miles / 5.04 mph (6/25)
  • Elisa- mtb @ Squilchuck 5.93 miles / 5.05 mph (7/3)
  • Elisa- mtb @ Squilchuck 6.54 miles / 5.42 mph (7/7)
  • Elisa- mtb @ Squilchuck 4.77 miles / 5/07 mph (7/11)
  • Elisa- mtb @ Squilchuck 5.62 miles / 5.22 mph (7/15)
Todd’s 1st mountain bike ride with his pedal bike – July 12, 2020
Eric & Todd at Horse Lake – July 13, 2020


  • Eric bought a new toy! It’s a 1989 Yamaha TW200
Eric went looking for the comet – July 15, 2020
July 18, 2020


  • Yay! The pool finally opened on 7/4 (this summer it’s only open to residents & there’s a 5 person limit in the pool area)
  • We swam 9x this month
  • On 7/8 Todd decided to practice his back kicking
Opening day – July 4, 2020


  • HUGE Milestone! Todd’s last “small boy Goppa” was 6/29! (small boy Goppa = using his Green Sprouts cups with silicone spouts). He finally decided he was ready to start working toward getting the Hello Neighbor Xbox game by drinking his Goppa out of his “Big Boy Goppas” for 15 days. He earned his prize on 7/17!
  • He loves cantaloupe & he readily eats broccoli
  • He loves having a combo of dry cereals (Rice/corn Chex, Special K, etc)
  • He loves Gardein Fishless Filets with London Pub malt vinegar
  • We started doing “Chipotle Mondays” and “Pizza Tuesday” for take out
Todd in Leavenworth – July 8, 2020


  • Todd slept in his tent on his bed (7/5-)
  • Sleepovers in Elisa’s room (6/25, 7/20)
  • Making our own Mr men books: Mr. Nice, Mr. Fat, Mr. Sad, Mr. Sun
  • We started a Scholastic Bookflix trial (7/13-7/29); Todd loved So You Want to be President?, The Great White Man-Eating Shark, Come On Rain, Goodnight Gorilla, and others
  • On 7/17 Eric & Todd made a plan to get up in the night to look for the comet as well as bats. Eric ending up turning off his alarm but Todd woke up Eric, saying, “I think it’s the middle of the night, now.” They walked outside & Todd said, “Dada, thank you for motivating me to do this.” When Elisa & Todd went outside at bedtime, Todd said, “I’m motivated of bats, not the freaking comet.”
  • On 7/18 Eric & Todd went outside to look for bats at bedtime
  • On 7/19 Elisa & Todd went outside to look for bats at bedtime

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