New Year’s Day 2020

JAN 1 (2020)

During the second week of Winter break we scheduled a day trip to see Eric’s family on Camano Island, WA. On the way, we visited our rental house, in Marysville, to check on the status of our landscaping. While poking around from the sidewalk/grass our renter waved from her living room chair, so I decided to knock on the door. We introduced ourselves and explained why we were there. She was delighted to invite us in to chat and show us around. Since I’d taken a picture of Todd on the new carpet on ‘moving day’ back in 2016, I jumped at the opportunity to take an updated photo!

Almost 2 years old – August 6, 2016
5 1/2 years old – January 1, 2020

We arrived at Grammie and Granddad’s house. Uncle Jeff (Eric’s brother) lives there, too. Later on, Cousins Kylie and Adam showed up. It was a great visit, and something we need to do more often!

Todd & Granddad – January 1, 2020
Kylie, Eric, Adam, Todd & Jeff – January 1, 2020
Granddad, Grammie & Todd – January 1, 2020
Todd passing out presents – January 1, 2020
Hanging out! – January 1, 2020

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