Vegan Dining: Seattle (February 2020)

FEB 15 – FEB 16 (2020)


We drove to Seattle in the early afternoon, and stopped for an early dinner at No Bones Beach Club (Ballard, WA). We had to wait a little while to get a table (this vegan restaurant is very popular, but its seating capacity isn’t very high), so we slipped into Mighty-O Donuts for vegan donuts. Mighty-O shares the interior space with Sweet Alchemy, so I sprung for a scoop of vegan ice cream, too!

Vegan ice cream from Sweet Alchemy & vegan donuts from Mighty-O – February 15, 2020
Wall art – February 15, 2020

At No Bones Beach Club, I ordered a very spicy margarita. {Something I wouldn’t necessarily repeat!} Eric ordered a refreshing beverage (a mojito?) and the Buffalo Tempeh Sando. We split the Coastal Chowder, which was excellent! {I took a picture of Eric’s food and a sandwich that I didn’t order. After I photographed it and started to dive in, I realized the mistake! It was (unfortunately) sent back.}

Eric at No Bones Beach Club – February 15, 2020
This was my spicy drink!
Eric’s drink – February 16, 2020
Eric ordered the Coastal Chowder & Buffalo Sandwich

What I did order was the Sweet Pineapple & Soy Curl Sizzling Lettuce Cups. This was so good! It was a great choice. Todd ate fries (and we ate his fries, too).

Sweet Pineapple & Soy Curl Sizzling Lettuce Cups
Fries & a vegan dip

After the meal, we checked into our airbnb (house) and got things settled before heading to the Wedgwood Ale House.

Hanging out at the airbnb – February 15, 2020

The occasion? A retirement party for our very good friend, Ken. {Oops, no pictures of the event!}

In our ‘pre-Todd’ era, Eric and I did loads of super fun mountain biking with Ken! Here are a few pictures of us, with Ken.

Elisa & Ken @ Galbraith (Bellingham, WA) – July 11, 2010
Ken @ Rat Pack (Roslyn, WA) – October 2, 2010
Ken & Elisa climbing @ Rat Pack (Roslyn, WA) – October 2, 2010
Troy, Ken & Eric @ Alder Ridge – September 15, 2012
Enjoying a beer & Ken’s homemade salsa after a ride @ Galbraith (Bellingham, WA) – September 7, 2013


This morning, we met Ken and Daisy for breakfast at Wayward Vegan Cafe. I ordered the Garden Benedict…

“Grilled “eggy” tofu slices, fresh spinach, creamy pesto, zesty bruschetta mix, avocado and parmesan on top of a grilled English muffin, covered with cashew hollandaise and cheddar cheese sauce. Served with seasoned flowering kale.”

Garden Benedict – February 16, 2020
Here’s what Eric & Todd ate! – February 16, 2020

Todd loved his mac ‘n cheese! {Of course, everything at Wayward is vegan!}

Todd loved his mac ‘n cheese! – February 16, 2020

And…right after the fabulous meal (and company!)–

Todd ran on the sidewalk, toward the car, with his hands in his pockets. Splat! Ouch! Fortunately, the wound was pretty superficial. He fell asleep shortly after this picture was taken, and was basically fine after he woke up. He admitted that he learned a “hard lesson”!

Road rash – February 16, 2020

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