Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving – November 28, 2019

NOV 27 – DEC 1 (2019)


We drove to Bend, OR in a windstorm and snowstorm. It was a long drive. In Washington, all the tumbleweeds sticking to car grills cracked us up! Once, we had to pull over because one stuck to our front end and it partially obstructed the windshield. At the shoulder of the road, it blew right off.

Tumbleweed on our front end – November 27, 2019

We stopped at Burgerville in the Dalles for Bliss shakes.


There was lots of snow, so Todd played outside and helped my dad (“Grandpa”) feed the birds and shovel the driveway and sidewalk.

Grandpa & Todd – November 28, 2019
Feeding the birds – November 28, 2019
Todd & Grandpa – November 28, 2019

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house. It was an opportunity for family photos!

Eric, Elisa & Todd – November 28, 2019
My parents: Carol Ann & Richard – November 28, 2019
Karin & Jason – November 28, 2019
Cousins: Eli & Ashley – November 28, 2019
Cousins: Eli, Ashley, Todd & Lucy – November 28, 2019
Sisters: Karin & Elisa – November 28, 2019


Karin came over in the morning to visit. Todd took a bath in Grandma’s big tub.

November 29, 2019

My mom (“Grandma”) made Afghan Spinach, Dal Makhani, and Vegetable Biryani for dinner. American Ninja Warrior was on TV and Todd got amped up doing his training moves. After dinner we cracked up playing the Telestrations game (3 rounds).

Yummy dinner – November 29, 2019


We got bread for Todd at the Village Baker, then did some shopping at REI. In the afternoon we visited Santa. Todd had a list prepared, in his own writing. He wanted three things for Christmas: Minecraft Legos, Pop-up book, and Lego sets.

Bread from the Village Baker – November 30, 2019
Visiting Santa – November 30, 2019

We stopped by Karin’s house before dinner at Bronx Born Pizza. Todd loves playing with Lucy! The pizza place had vegan cheese, so we tried it. After pizza, we had non-dairy sorbetto at Bonta.

Vegan pizza at Bronx Born Pizza – November 30, 2019
Eli, Karin, Ashley, Todd & Grandma at Bonta – November 30, 2019


We visited Karin’s family in the morning then drove home. We like to stop at the Burger King to eat Impossible Whoppers. Todd plays while eating fries.

Todd playing with Lucy – December 1, 2019
Play break at Burger King – December 1, 2019

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