Todd is Five (Month 9)

Todd at ~5 years, 9 months old – May 14, 2020

APR 21 – MAY 20 (2020)


  • “I’m not vegan on this game” (playing Minecraft)
  • “Hey! That’s my mama!” (when I went over to Eric on his couch to hug him)
  • “Bond will kill him, if I might ask” (he says ‘ask’ instead of ‘say’)
  • “Just go with it” (Todd called me ‘hon’ and told Eric that I’m Todd’s hon not Dada’s hon)


  • Favorite phone games: Scary Teacher, Hello Neighbor, Minecraft
  • Favorite books: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks & the Mr. books
  • Favorite online Scholastic book: Come on, Rain
  • Favorite YouTube: RonaldOMG, K-City Gaming
  • Favorite movies: Moonraker; He cracks up watching Jaws fly “like a chicken”
  • Rainy day: walking outside/puddles (4/22)
  • Playing with his small black stuffed kitty
  • Playing ‘zombie’ in the house
  • Eating dinner on the deck & making art on the deck
  • Making a cardboard ‘gingerbread house’ with pizza boxes & hot glue
  • Playing with the girls outside (4/27) & pretending to shoot bad guys with the umbrella (5/20)
  • He likes to play a game on the iPad while RonaldOMG is on the TV (so it’s like a friend is over & they are sharing an experience)
  • Humming the James Bond theme music a lot
  • Making his own ‘instructional video’ (since he saw me making videos for my work)
  • Watching Nick Zentzer (Geologist from CWU) on YouTube (Elisa/Eric)
  • Morning family walk before watching Nick (5/17)
May 14, 2020


Elisa & Eric @ Hungate Cyn – April 25, 2020
Hiking @ Hungate Cyn – April 25, 2020
Todd with his fuzzy friend – April 25, 2020


  • “Pizza Mondays” & picking up his new packet for the week
  • Tuesday video chats with his teacher & class
  • He did 52 sit ups for his PE fit test
  • Playing in the sprinkler during a break
  • Todd said, “That’s annoying. I’m finishing my work and I don’t want to get distracted.”
Todd’s bubble bee – April 30, 2020


  • Todd’s first time making it all the way to the top! (Elisa/Todd, 4/26)
Todd & Elisa on top of Castle Rock – April 26, 2020
Todd on top of Castle Rock – April 26, 2020
Todd gives the thumbs up! – April 26, 2020


Todd at Dry Gulch – April 29, 2020
Todd at Hay Canyon – May 2, 2020
Todd on the Lake Clara trail – May 9, 2020
Lake Clara – May 9, 2020


View of Saddle Rock – May 17, 2020
May 17, 2020
May 17, 2020


  • Todd tried a Tofutti Cutie & liked it
  • He’s back to eating Gardein Fishless Filets
  • Likes eating plain angel hair pasta
  • Take out: Chipotle (2x); Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas for Todd, Burger King Impossible burger; Blue Spoon (5/15)
Todd at the dentist – May 19, 2020
Todd’s top front teeth! – May 19, 2020
Todd’s bottom front teeth! – May 19, 2020


  • Todd wanted his hair in a pony tail
  • In the tub, he likes pouring cold water over his head repeatedly & laughing
  • Dentist appointment (5/19); first pictures, no cavities, bottom 2 teeth slightly wiggly. Afterward he was rewarded with a stuffed dinosaur.
Todd’s ponytail – May 14, 2020


  • ‘Sleepovers’ on the foam pads in my room (9x)
  • He woke up asking “When can we get a cat?” (5/9)
  • Todd frequently has dreams that he’s James Bond
  • Less interest in having his pillow blankets with him at night (more interested in stuffed pets)

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